Hydraulic Ram Seal and Oil Change - Duration 1 Day

During one of our Service Visits to a Care Home in Chesterfield, we noticed there was an excess of oil within the Lift Pit and down the cylinder. After a thorough inspection of the hydraulic system, we concluded there were metal filings and contaminants within the oil which was causing the Seal around the Ram Cylinder to get damaged when the system was being used (which being in a care home setting, is pretty much all the time).

As part of our Service Agreement with them, we were able to provide a full clean down of the hydraulic tank - removing all of the old oil, and thoroughly cleaning the pump filters to ensure that all contaminants were removed, as well as a Ram Seal Change to ensure that a tight seal is maintained around the cylinder - our engineers also made sure the cylinder was polished to remove any excess debris and to maintain a smooth surface.

Our engineers were then able to replace the required oil with brand new Viscosity Enhanced 46 Grade Oil purchased locally to ensure the hydraulic lift system runs at optimal performance and also to increase ride quality.

As we know the down time of any lift is unacceptable and seriously affects the day to day running of any business. We worked with the staff of the Care Home and were able to complete all of the above work in 1 day, therefore allowing the Nurses and Carers to use the lift to transport residents of the Care Home throughout the building unhindered.

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