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Modernisation And Refurbishment

Refresh your old equipment to get it working like new, without the need for a lift replacement

If you have an old lift in need of some TLC, it may not need a full replacement to get it running reliably once more. H&R Engineering has the expertise to bring your old lifting equipment up to date. We can modernise and refurbish all types of commercial lifting equipment and have experience upgrading all types of lifts – regardless of the model or manufacturer.

Investing in the continued reliability of your lift will keep traffic moving in a hassle-free and reliable manner. Updating an old lift not only improves safety but also makes it more efficient to run and more aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as improving the value and feel of the building.

Keeping lift breakdowns and downtime to an absolute minimum is vital for any business, out of action lift equipment means loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction, particularly for the retail sector - where it directly affects your bottom line.

Our extensive experience includes everything from restoring heritage lifts to their former glory, to modernising older lifts to bring them in line with the latest standards. We’re confident in our ability to deliver – for many years we’ve delivered hundreds of passenger lift refurbishments to ensure access for all.

Whatever the problem with your lift, our experts can solve it with the minimum amount of downtime and disruption.

Such improvements can consist of but not limited to:

  • --> Lift Controller Replacement
  • --> Lift Motor Recondition or Replacement
  • --> Lift Lighting Upgrade
  • --> Lift Shaft Wiring Upgrade
  • --> Door Operator Replacement or Upgrade
  • --> Full Lift Car Interior Upgrade
  • --> Lift Entrance Re-skinning
  • --> Full Replacement of Landing Entrances

Benefits of an upgrade include:

  • --> Improving product safety for users and service engineers by helping to comply with current standards and regulations more closely.
  • --> Improving overall appearance by replacing tired and worn lift interiors and exteriors, adding value to your building
  • --> Reducing downtime by boosting reliability and efficiency through new parts or mechanical enhancements - minimising disruption to your business
  • --> Boosting the reliability, ride quality and improving traffic flow by using the latest lift technologies
  • --> Improving energy efficiency and reducing running costs from better operational performance
  • --> Saves the maintenance budget by making the best use of the existing system and its components, instead of purchasing a completely new system

Is is time for refurbishment or modernisation?

Have you noticed any of the following affecting the performance of your lifting equipment:

  • --> Frequent call-outs and breakdowns, high repair and running costs?
  • --> Car finishes looking worn or in need of a modern/fresh feel?
  • --> Older lift that needs to be brought up to comply with the current lift safety regulations?
  • --> Noisy, running slowly or draining too much power?

Then it’s likely time to consider modernisation work or refurbishment. Whether the upgrade is for safety, performance, design, function, energy or appearance, H&R Engineering can make your lifts run smoother, safer and more reliably.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of modernisation and refurbishment, H&R Engineering can provide a competitive breakdown of options to meet your need and affordability.

Need a Lift Maintenance Contract?

Are you a lift owner/operator or responsible for property maintenance? If so, you’re probably aware that it’s your legal obligation to ensure all your lift installations are in safe working order and up to date. With that in mind, can you be sure that your current lift maintenance contract accommodates all your needs? 

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